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The Offer

The company Businessface offers services of personnel outsourcing. We  specialize in the handling sales force for the banking sector. We offer outsourcing of the sales process tailored to specific Client objectives and accommodating specific Client requirements, ready to animate the biggest and most complex projects.

Basing on  many years of experience we design and put into life optimized solutions, in order to let our customers avoid any processes related to employment and administration of large groups of workers.

The basic elements of our offer include:

  • Intermediation in the promotion and sale of financial products and services;
  • The hiring of employees and/or agents to achieve agreed Client objectives;
  • Validating required client supplied documentation;
  • The preparation and circulation of all Client documentation required to complete the sale, with a guarantee of confidentiality;
  • The collection and analysis of market and competitor data;
  • The administration of all agency employees and necessary tools to accomplishing various functions for the client;
  • Repossession of customer’s existing employees groups;
  • Any other activities supporting customer’s operations;




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